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Bethany is a main character in Tyler Perry's Young Dylan. She is Rebecca's best friend and Young Dylan's love interest.

She is portrayed by Jet Miller.

Italic== Description & Personality == Bethany is very pretty. She has black hair and blue eyes, Also with pink lips that combine with the blush on her cheek. she is mostly seen in her school Uniform. Bethany is smart, and sometimes sassy around Rebecca.

She is the girl that mostly cook up Rebecca's schemes and gets Rebecca in trouble sometimes. She has a tendency to put her nose in other people's business (mostly Rebecca and Zuri's sometime Rebecca sometime fight but they still are friend


Bethany was first seen in the 'Street Smart' episode of Tyler Perry's Young Dylan. Since then she mainly has been known among audiences for her sassy moves and her devious plans. Dylan developed a crush on her, but due to a "high school degree" difference, she rejects him. However, Dylan won't leave her alone, making her hate him.


Relationships With Other Characters[]

She is best friends with Rebecca and they are always by each other's side. She is Dylan's love interest even though she has rejected him countless times


-She mostly ties her hair up into a nice little bun

-Her hair is naturally wavy and natural.

-She rejects Dylan because she is 12, and he is 8.